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Persons Index


Here is genealogical information of Van Santen and Van Zanten families.
Around 1990 texts were copied in libraries; thereafter some internet sites were referred. Completeness is not achieved.

The main familynames, especially before 1811, apart from accents and conjunctions, consist of a 'S' or 'Z', 'ant' and may be followed by 'e' or 'en' ( * (S|Z)ant[e[n]] ).
Conjunction(s) are van, von, van de, van der, van 't, op 't, de la of ten. Names can be without a space and/or other capitalization, f.i. VanZanten, Vanzanten.

Information concerning the family from Oost-Friesland, described by the author in
Genealogie Van Santen, Von Santen, (Veldhuyzen) van Zanten, 1988 [geOFRI],
is here omitted.

Almost not considered are the families:
van Sante (www.vansante.eu, [geSante]),
de Sain (no French, but from Dessijn, [DeSain]),
van der Sande(n) [br1],
van Zandt ([geZandt] describes a family descending from Van Santen),
Sant on Malta [Malta],
Santé [NA1984],
Santee [Santée],
Van Santen de Hoog started with a male member of De Hoog, married to a Van Santen,
Van Zanten Jut started with a male member of Jut, married to a Van Zanten [NL1950a],
Van Santen Kolff descends from Jacob Kolff, 1738-1768, who inherited the name Van Santen,
Van Zanten Solleveld (a few in The Haque),
van Xanten (a few in the index, but not searched).

Persons Index

The file persons.html mentions the names of persons who received at their birth one of the mentioned familynames, their partners and their mutual relations.
A comparable index, from the collection of mrs. L. van Santen-Bergmaier, is index B.

'Van Zanten' (Americans) and 'Zanten, van' (Dutchmen) are separately listed.
Often it is easiest to start a search for a partner.

The entries are alphabetical sorted successively on the main part of the familyname, the initials (!), given names, prefixes and birthyear.
Diacritical characters and " 't" are ignored while sorting.

Ages ago an uniform spelling was unimportant; a name with a particular pronounciation was differently spelled in one text.
With several labels for a person, the name may differ from the spellings in the sources.
More than one entry for one person are possible, when it is not evident that the sources concern the same person.
An entry may be an alias; the full information is at the linked entry after '=>'.

x? surname by birth or marriage (American woman),
* born, ~ baptized, † deceased, ‡ buried (cremated or lost), †* stillborn †d* daughter †z* son,
x marriage, xo wedding announcement, xg registrated partnerschip, xp living together, xr religious marriage,
¬ relation ended, ¬u proclaimed, ¬g registrated,
er there (same location as previous one),
« at most, » at least, ± about (often calculated from age, may be one year less),
# birthyear (<100 years ago) suppressed for evt. privacy,
'P:' prefixes the father of the person in the entry,
'M:' prefixes the mother,
'x', 'x1.', … prefix spouses,
'1.', '2.', … prefix children. Children are mentioned in chronological order of birth, if possible.

Relationdates in the last 75 years don't show days and months.

Brackets, [ ], in 'Persons Index' surround references to sources. Type a source (without brackets) right below. The searchfield is insensible for capitals. You may come to an abreviation_, for a group sources, but then continue with the "Meer …" (More …) button.
Consulted titles and websites.

Characters in red reference a branch or dynasty, with an affinity between all persons with that character.
Persons with the same character have a common ancestor in male hierarchy or are married to such a person. Other persons of the branch may lack the character when no relation was found.

Living persons are not mentioned in the English branches.

Betuwe (Beusichem, Buren, Tricht), branch with Arnt Janssoon (Andries) van Sancten, * circa 1425.
Introduction, descendancy and sources.
branch with Pieter Pieters van Saetge, * Bleijswijk, † 1638.
In indexB.
Delft, branch with Beuckel van Santen, circa 1450.
Introduction, descendancy.
branch from Eethen, with Roelof van Santen, * ±1724, † ±1761.
In indexB.
Hoogezand, branch with Lijckel Claessen, * <1722.
His son in Hoogezand gave starting in 1772 his children the name Van Zanten.
The website of Ben Blauw is at gw.geneanet.org/bluebrother.
branch from Brual in Germany, with Johan Santen, * «1660, † »1686.
Leerdam, Schoonreword, branch with Jan Joosten van Santen.
Introduction, descendancy.
Maasbommel, genealogy of Aert van Santen. [geMaas]
branch with Jan van Zanten † 1778 en Maria Molenaar
Many lived in Rotterdam or the Randstad and were Roman-Catholic.
Introduction, descendants.
Scherpenzeel, branch with Cornelis Jansen van Santen.
Introduction, descendancy.
Veenendaal, branch with Claas van Santen, * ±1632.
Introduction, descendancy.
Westland, branch with Leendert Arentsz van Santen, * ±1605.
IJsselstein, branch with Jan Aalbertsz van Santen, * 1701.
Introduction, descendancy.
Zuiderlijke Nederlanden, branch with Johan van Santen, België ±1480-1542.
Introduction, descendancy.



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