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Genealogy of Jan Aalbertsz van Santen

The → genealogy describes the descendants of Jan Aalbertsz van Santen, born IJsselstein 1701.

Abbreviations: * born; ~ baptism; deceased; buried/funeral/lost;
x married; xr religious marriage; xo notice of intended marriage; xg registration partnership; xp living together; ¬ divorce/ended; ¬u proclaimed ending; ¬g registrated ending; « before or in; » in or after; ± about; months: Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec.

For privacy protection the ages of living people, until 100 years old, are not published. Of any weddingdate in the last 75 years the year only is shown.

Information is due to J. Achterberg, V. Brans, G.J. van Eijk, Genlias (meanwhile replaced by WieWasWie), M. Heikamp, P. van Iperen Hagestein, M. van Kessel - Scheffers, W. Koene, M. Kommer, mrs. N. van Oort-Klaver, H. Otterspoor (doc), Eugéne van der Pijll (website), L. van Santen - Bergmaier De Meern, en T. van Zanten - Schoutese.

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