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Collection Ludmilla van Santen - Bergmaier

The → index B lists Van Santen's and Van Zanten's with their partners in the collection of mrs. L. van Santen - Bergmaier (November 2014).
Living persons are omitted.
This index is not combined with the Persons Index of SANTENkraam; only branch B1 is combined and equal to sources [geBuren] + [geVeen].
The indices lists many common persons, but are maintained by different persons.
The layout and abbreviations are equivalent with the Persons Index of Santenkraam.
However, sources in square brackets are replaced by a single [Bnumber._].
Persons with the same [Bnumber._] are related to each other.
Branch B1 has the most people; the highest B-numbers involve a single person.
The mentioned persons with more relatives are mentioned in
Genealogies of persons with the following red letters are at (B,  P,  S,  T,  V,  Y).
When you copy information from this index B, please contact mrs. L. van
Additions, questions and remarks about facts of this genealogy are welcome at,
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