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Genealogy of Jan Joosten van Santen

The → genealogy describes the descendants of Jan Joosten van Santen, born before 1656.
Many of them lived in Leerdam, Schoonrewoerd or Beesd in the Netherlands.
* born; ~ baptism; x married; xr religious marriage; xo notice of intended marriage; xg registration partnership; xp living together; ¬ divorce/ended; ¬u proclaimed ending; ¬g registrated ending; deceased; buried/funeral/lost;
« before or in; » in or after; ± about; months: Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec.
For privacy protection the ages of living people, until 100 years old, are unpublished. Of any weddingdate in the last 75 years the year only is shown.
The geneaolgy after 1811 is mainly composed from acts from (now in) WieWasWie and the archives of Rotterdam and Delft on internet.
Special older facts are derived from the rich websites and of Cock Rijerkerk.
Mrs. L. van Santen-Bergmaier earlier composed the genealogy, available on
A few elder generations (H. Zijderveld),   births in Culemborg (book of deceased Mr. Hermen Beekhuizen, 'Jan Reynders van Beeckhuisen, zijn voorouders en nageslacht', Bilthoven 1973, 254 p.),   births in Beesd (Hetty Roks, book Beekhuizen) and   some recent facts are derived from it.
One big branch is replaced by a link to of N.S. Middag.
Websites describing one of more persons are a.o. (from) Jan Burggraaf, (family Exalto), Hilversumse en Gooische families, R.M. Houben, Hans Oskam and   Dennis Sleeuwenhoek (Parenteel van Claes HEIJMANS).
Information too was received from contact with family-members, among them Susan Kay, with her friend genealogist Christine Liava'a, in Nieuw-Zeeland.
Additions and remarks about facts of this genealogy are welcome at