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Genealogy of Arnt Janssoon (Andries) van Sancten

The → genealogy describes the many descendants of Arnt Janssoon (Andries) van Sancten, born ± 1455, many of which lived in the Betuwe, the Netherlands.
The facts of this genealogy (version November 2014) are collected by mrs. L. van Santen - Bergmaier.
Van S|Zanten's with their partners are listed in index B.

Abbreviations: * born; ~ baptism; x married; xr religious marriage; xo notice of intended marriage; xg registration partnership; xp living together; ¬ divorce/ended; ¬u proclaimed ending; ¬g registrated ending; deceased; buried/funeral/lost;
« before or in; » in or after; ± about; months: Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec.
For privacy protection living persons and their marriages are unshown.
Sources in Dutch.
When you copy information from this genealogy, please contact Ludmilla van Santen.
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Mrs. L. van Santen maintains this genealogy in
Alternative Genealogy (in Dutch)
 Parenteel van van Santen 1370, by W.A. Rönitz - van Santen on
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