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Enigma is a puzzle to test spatial insight.
With a walker all stars are to be removed before reaching the door.

The walker can be moved by clicking next to it (four directions), with dragging, arrow buttons and with arrow-keys.
The Delete-key withdraws the last step(s).
"<5" undoes the last five steps.
The "<<" button and the Home-key are to restart the game,
"video" replays done steps, "step" one next step.
  After an interruption and removed new steps the path can be continued.
"save" stores the current situation for sixteen days (as a cookie) and replaces an earlier storage.
"load" restores the last, maximal sixteen days old, situation stored with "save".   The "load" button is available in a begin situation, as after "<<".

After loading you can play offline, without an open internetconnection.
Speed and sound and are not functional; there are no random events.


  1. Darkness Falls
  2. Lateral Thinking
  3. Explosively Simple
  4. Question of Substance
  5. Ethereal Structures
  6. Order of Magnitude
  7. Seventh Heaven
  8. House of Cards
  9. Complexity
  10. Nature of the Beast
  11. Devil's Despair
  12. Shrouded Glory

Rules and mazes are donated anonymous (2000,
Program by Rob Veldhuyzen van Zanten,
Visual aspects are inspired bij Chroma.
XOR predecessor.
Chroma successor!