A branch from the SANTENkraam Index

A branch encloses all persons in the Index, interrelated by birth or marriage.
The complete Index contains many branches, which may share a surname only.
A branch may contain one or many persons.
Likely you are interested in one specific branch only.
Retrieving the information only of one branch with many individuals can be eased.
The index of a branch, a part from the Index, without extra information from the sources, will be send on request.

A branch is specified by a source.number given between [ and ] in the Index after any member of the branch.

Send your request with one source.number of some member of the branch.

Then you will receive a html-file with an alfabetical sorted index as well as one with a hierarchical ordered tree in classic form:
First the oldest ancestor and then per generation all members of that generation. Brothers and sisters before children.

If you like the tree can be send in another order.
Than give the required number of combined generations, for instance:
19, or more than the number of generations in the branch:
  Children before younger brothers and sisters.
4: Children before younger brothers and sisters, but the depth is limited to four generations. Suitable when diagrams are available or will be added.
1: default.

My personal response can take a few weeks, in case of holidays.